teaches your child how to write in an easy and fun way.

How to play:

Help Mr. Crab collect the numbers in sequence by dragging him with your finger - and drawing the letter at the same time. Once all the letters in the word are drawn properly, a cute drawing appears.

Slide the letters into the rotating hole and advance to the next level.

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What the media are saying:

  • iPadinCanada: (video review) “Our 2-year-old loves this app. It’s been one of his favorites from the start. And we’ve really noticed the results.”
  • Shinobijimbo: “iWriteWords dovetails nicely with the handwriting work I do with my students. The graphics and sound effects are engaging and playful. I have used it in sessions with a single student, and I've used it in groups of up to four students ... Overall iWriteWords is a terrific app. It's appealing to my students, and an excellent tool to augment my handwriting work.”
  • The Washington Times: “iWriteWords is another intuitively designed favorite, and includes writing as well as spelling—both challenging areas for Leo. He adores it.”
  • AppStruck: “The whole app is delightful to behold. Bright background colors are juxtaposed against equally bright and scribbly child-like artwork that convey the word being spelled. You and your child will enjoy tracing your finger along those necessary building blocks of language. With its memorable artwork and way cool physics engine, it is sure to entertain and teach your child”
  • ReadWriteWeb: One of “Our Hottest New iPhone App Discoveries” 
  • iPhone Life: One of the “Best Games To Tame Your Toddler.” Both fun and engaging, iWriteWords is Emily's number one go-to app when she turns on the iPod. Since she started playing it, I've noticed a marked improvement in her ability to distinguish the lowercase letters.
  • IansPhone: “... I asked him why he wanted my phone, and he answered that he wanted to write his letters. By this he meant "iWriteWords". This is remarkable because both my phone and jonas' iPod are loaded with engaging games that have little in the way of redeeming features. Instead of "bounce on" or "spy bot", he wants to trace a little crab around the screen, following numbers on the way to writing letters. ... it is one of those rare times that something intended to be educational is more attractive to him than stuff intended purely for amusement.”
  • Babble: “Your preschoolers will think they’re playing a game, but with its 70 available words and 20 numbers, iWriteWords is really letting the kiddos trace their paths toward basic word recognition and handwriting skills.”
  • iLounge: “The recommendation for iWriteWords came from a friend who placed this letter-tracing educational app in her iPhone’s top five, and we can understand why: this is a cute and fun way for kids to learn the alphabet.”
  • Yahoo! Voices: One of “The 10 Best iPhone Apps for Young Kids”
  • The iPhone Mom: “... I also teach preschool in my home. I know from personal experience that learning to write can be tedious for the little ones and I loved how iWriteWords takes that task and made it fun.”
  • KiDA: “Featured in Early Literacy Apps.”
  • metroglow: “iWriteWords is one of the most polished education apps we’ve seen on the iTunes store yet. It’s combination of numbers and letters is sure to be a hit with you toddler.” 
  • Autism Plugged In: “The extent to which iWriteWords can be customized to address varying learning needs is impressive and its simple design makes this app a must-have for students with fine motor delays.” 
  • A Touch of Learning: “Its got an intuitive interface for young children. It has high quality graphics and effects. I have no hesitation in recommending this app for children ready to start learning to write. To me, this is exactly the sort of app I am looking for in my quest to have apps that are fun, but teach my kids something really useful in the real world.”
  • GamePeople: “If you are ever in the company of a small child, you will have instant entertainment value!”
  • Wee Saw: “It makes great use out of the technological capabilities of the iPhone. Our daughter picked it up very quickly and I’m convinced she’s benefited from playing with it.”
  • GiggleApps: “I cannot say enough good things about this app! It’s awesome for preschoolers who are just learning to write. It provides three opportunities for a child to learn through writing the letters, visualizing the word and the picture, and hearing the word.”
  • iPhone for Kids: “This amazing app will help teach your kids how to write while playing.”
  • Learning Visions: “Sort of a Montessori style approach, like the sandpaper letters that my daughter does at school.  When she's trying to write a letter she doesn't know, I have to "dot it out" on paper for her so she can trace it herself. This game matches that experience really well.”
  • apps4ikids: “The app has been engaging enough for Sal to take an interest in practicing his letters and has helped certain letters like lower case e that he has engrained a different motion pattern than normal.”
  • I Education Apps Review: “This is a great letter and number introduction app for younger kids. It teaches them to control the use of their finger and introduces them to writing.”
  • Ultimate Autism Guide: “This is a wonderfully designed iPad app to help children learn to recognize and write numbers, letters, and words.  The app was designed in a way to grab the attention of the user.  It is also designed to ensure that the child learns to write numbers and letters in the correct manner.”
  • Softwarewithstyle: “The education process is well-planned and at the same time simple: the application demonstrates a word and requires the child to write it letter by letter while simultaneously showing and pronouncing each correctly written letter. The interface is very simple and free from any mess.”
  • webchild: “iWriteWords is a wonderfully designed app. It allows children to practise their handwriting by tracing upper-case letters, lower-case letters and numbers with their finger. It seems to take a Montessori approach in learning to write - which involves lots of pre-writing, hands on activities that encourage the hand to learn pencil control, BEFORE the pencil is placed in the hand.”
  • sparks: “Why do I like this app? Mostly because it just makes learning fun. I have tested this app with both my two girls (4 and 5 years old) as well as a 6-year old student I tutor. All were delighted with it and were disappointed when ‘playtime’ was over. I find my girls returning to this one on their own during their free iPod time.”

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